What does a Privacy Engineer do? How can a Privacy Engineer can help your company?

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Privacy by design is perfection, but engineers are the builders of that design, according to Privacy Engineering expert Michelle Dennedy. Privacy by design is ideal, but reality is what the Privacy Engineer can build and implement.

The privacy engineer plays a critical role in the product design process and product launch cycle. Specifically, a privacy engineer must guide engineering teams throughout product development to ensure that their data collection and use practices are transparent, protect user privacy, and mitigate risk. The privacy engineer should also conduct technical and policy reviews to identify and escalate potential privacy issues.

A Privacy Engineer is a leader.

It focuses on proactively managing the development of new privacy features and tools. Contributes to product and business strategy as well as public policies and legal initiatives to address and mitigate privacy risks. It should also influence internal and external users on privacy issues. A privacy engineer must respond to privacy incidents, if they occur, including gathering scope and root cause information, as well as repair management.

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