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systems engineer

I am a Systems Engineer with a Masters in Information Science and Knowledge Management. I have taken several courses on Cybersecurity and Internet Governance.

technology influencer

I have been featured as a  IDG technology influencer on CIO & ComputerWorld. Read more here.


I will  be happy to review your technical product or app, write a technical blog post about your product. Contact me.

 “As the world is increasingly interconnected,everyone shares the responsability of securing the cyberspace.”

Newton Lee

I work as a technology consultant helping SMEs with necessary advice to carry out an adequate and effective management of different technologies. Contact me and let me know how can I help your IT strategy. 

Martha has helped our small business enormously. We initially partnered with her to help us with business processes. Ms. Martha created the business  and customer service processes for our office and offered us assessment on our marketing strategy. We decided to continue to collaborate with her in the establishment of our online presence website and graphic design of great quality and at a very accessible price. Our business has continue to grow because our online presence and needless to say collaborating with  Ms. Martha  is a big part of our success. Lastly, she has implemented Google Suite Apps and our Productivity has increased. We can not recommend her enough.

Lightning Maintenance Corp.

Martha was a blessing for my business! She is personable, timely,detail-oriented and great listener. Her deep knowledge of webdesign paired with her out-of-the-box ideas resulted in a better website than I imagined. I highly recommend Martha for your business.

Kiera Doyle

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How did I became a Technology Influencer.

My opinion about Making the best of your multi-cloud environment was recently featured in CIO.com. Have I ever thought to be featured in one of the USA’s most prominent digital magazines in technology? No! But fast forward to 2021, and thank you to Social Media and thousands of twitts there am I. I have also been featured in Computer … Continue reading How did I became a Technology Influencer.

Your phone knows more about you than your computer does, but do you do enough to protect it?

The 70% increase in smartphone usage during the current pandemic raises many security and privacy concerns. A cybersecurity expert provides his insights about what’s at stake and how users can avoid the risks in the article below “Scary things your smartphone knows about you”, which is also attached to this email for your convenience

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