10 Tips to Protect Your Data [Infographic]

Many companies such as SecurityHQ that are trying to spread the cybersecurity awareness in a simple yet super informative way. I do support those efforts. Recently came across this very informative infographic with 10 to protect your data from SecurityHQ and wanted to overshare it! When making an online purchase, or creating an account online, … Continue reading 10 Tips to Protect Your Data [Infographic]

How did I became a Technology Influencer.

My opinion about Making the best of your multi-cloud environment was recently featured in CIO.com. Have I ever thought to be featured in one of the USA's most prominent digital magazines in technology? No! But fast forward to 2021, and thank you to Social Media and thousands of twitts there am I. I have also been featured in Computer … Continue reading How did I became a Technology Influencer.

Fight Back Against an Attack: Cybersecurity Tips for Small Businesses

t takes time and effort to create the right website to attract customers. You have to research designs, find pictures, and create copy that appeals to the target market. However, designing a fantastic website is just the beginning. Putting the right protection methods into place is a vital part of running a website. Here are some tips to remember.

Your phone knows more about you than your computer does, but do you do enough to protect it?

The 70% increase in smartphone usage during the current pandemic raises many security and privacy concerns. A cybersecurity expert provides his insights about what’s at stake and how users can avoid the risks in the article below “Scary things your smartphone knows about you”, which is also attached to this email for your convenience

Pixlr: el editor de fotos más fácil de usar

¿El editor de fotos Lightroom se una pesadilla? Tengo una respuesta para ti: usa Pixlr. Ya sea que publiques fotos con regularidad en las redes sociales o simplemente quieras que tus fotos personales y familiares se vean increíbles, te encantarán las increíbles capacidades de edición de fotos disponibles de forma gratuita con  Pixlr:  https://pixlr.com/  Pixlr le da a cualquiera … Continue reading Pixlr: el editor de fotos más fácil de usar

Pixlr: The easiest to use photo editor

Pixlr gives anyone the tools to manipulate photos just like the pros - one try and you'll love it! No long video tutorials, no expensive software to download -- Pixlr’s editing software, AI-powered tools and massive image library empower everyone to create eye-catching photos, graphic images and even memes. Say goodbye to expensive photo editors that require weeks of training and say hello to Pixlr, the world’s favorite, free, online photo editor that works right from your browser. Cutting-edge AI-powered tools make it easy to master the same techniques professional designers use, while a massive image library gives you the freedom to take your photos from ho-hum to oh wow!

Octubre: Mes de la ciberseguridad

Quizás más que nunca deberíamos estar pendientes de este mes. Con la pandemia del coronavirus el Internet se ha vuelto parte esencial de nuestra vida. Y andando pues ne las carreteras del Internet nos podemos a la merced de miles de servidores y aplicaciones que almacenan nuestra información, y tal vez uno que otro bandido … Continue reading Octubre: Mes de la ciberseguridad

Una encuesta revela que las mujeres hacen más para protegerse en línea

¡Hoy es el día mundial de la contraseña! La mejor manera de celebrar es actualizar sus contraseñas. Seamos realistas, a veces mantenemos la misma contraseña para el correo o para el sistema bancario y lo peor, durante bastante tiempo. Con tantas compañías siendo vulnerables ciberneticamente hablando, existe una gran probabilidad de que su contraseña ya este expuesta en … Continue reading Una encuesta revela que las mujeres hacen más para protegerse en línea