Fight Back Against an Attack: Cybersecurity Tips for Small Businesses

t takes time and effort to create the right website to attract customers. You have to research designs, find pictures, and create copy that appeals to the target market. However, designing a fantastic website is just the beginning. Putting the right protection methods into place is a vital part of running a website. Here are some tips to remember.

Your phone knows more about you than your computer does, but do you do enough to protect it?

The 70% increase in smartphone usage during the current pandemic raises many security and privacy concerns. A cybersecurity expert provides his insights about what’s at stake and how users can avoid the risks in the article below “Scary things your smartphone knows about you”, which is also attached to this email for your convenience

Do you know which types of network attacks are out there? #Privacy #CyberAware

A key aspect to any war is to get to know your enemy. Hence, is important to know which ones are the most common kind of attacks that are out there. However, the below list of network attacks is a basic-kind-of network-attacks list, and since technology is always changing more attacks are created and evolving … Continue reading Do you know which types of network attacks are out there? #Privacy #CyberAware