Why SMEs need to use social media networks? 

The percentage of adults that use at least one social media site has been growing for the last decade. In 2018 according to 69% of the American adult population use some type of social media in 2019.


With such information, it’s safe to assume that this percentage that is using at least one social media platform, will only continue to grow in America. Furthermore, this tendency is not only happening in America. Latin America, China, Japan and other international markets are also increasing their social media usage.

Does SMEs need to use social media networks? 

Social Media Networks offer great opportunity for Small and Medium Enterprises to build up  relationships with your current and potential customers. It doesn’t matter anymore the field of your business, you have to be in social media. If you are in the construction industry, or other services, hospitality, food or education you have to be in social media. If you are not in social media you are losing half of your customers.

While we know one of the oldest marketing strategies is word of mouth, now with social media the reach of the word of mouth has increased exponentially. The reviews of your services and products in any social media platform is your power to reach potential customers. Moreover, you must be building relationships on your social media networks daily in order to (1) get those recommendations from your current customers and (2) to attract potential customers or to (3) build up alliances just to name a few of the advantages.

How many social networks should I use?

We all know that Facebook is  the the social media platform that has been more dominant in the US market. However, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and Linkedin are growing their user base. There are a lot of resources on how you can create your profile on each social media platform. My advice will be select just two or three of them those that are more relevant for your niche and cross-post as much as possible but tailor specific messages for each platform. If you need help designing your social media strategy contact me.




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