Survey reveals that women do more to protect themselves online

Today is World Password Day! The best way to celebrate is to upgrade your passwords. Let’s face it, sometimes you keep your email or bank password for quite some time. With so many companies being vulnerable there is a great probability that your password is expossed in the black web, hence good cyber hygiene is important. And as a women in tech I encourage you to apply this simple measure of upgrading your password from time to time.

Years ago I was a victim of a hacker. Since I never want to live that experience again I tend to change passwords often as well as enable two factor authentication wherever is available. I find that like me, other women are more concerned about the potential harm of their personal online accounts being hacked.

NordPass, a new generation password manager found out in a conducted survery that “Out of all surveyed people, 22% have been victims. 46% of the victims were women, whereas 54% were men”. Good cyber hygiene shows results — fewer women fall victim to cybercrime. Sometimes it has to happen before we assume the responsability of our cybersecurity. And there are no excuses. Sometimes I heard people saying that they don’t change their passwords because they can not keep track. Hence, a password manager is a great way to keep them secure.

Nonetheless, even if the survey reveals that women do more to protect themselves online is never late to make changes. I don’t think cybersecurity as a genre and we all have to play our role on it. We have to encourage one and other and protect our identity.

“Although stressful, effective password management is crucial. The total cost of reported cybercrimes exceeded $3.5 billion in 2019, and it is unlikely to fall. Therefore, coming up with strong and unique passwords is the least people can do to protect themselves online,” says Chad Hammond, security expert at NordPass.

About NordPass

NordPass is a new generation password manager shaped with cutting-edge technology, zero-knowledge encryption, simplicity, and intuitive design in mind. It securely stores and organizes passwords by keeping them in one convenient place. NordPass was created by the cybersecurity experts behind NordVPN – one of the most advanced VPN service providers in the world. For more information:


Survey Methodology: Password manager NordPass anonymously surveyed 700 people in the UK, and 700 people in the US to find about consumers’ password habits as well as understand how much of a burden password managing is to most people.

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