On my way to #SSIG

Today begins my journey to Washington D.C. Maybe for me it is not such a long journey as for the rest of the participants who come from other Latin American countries to participate in the South School on Internet Governance to be held from March 29 to April 1st that is going to be held at the headquarters OAS in Washington DC. This is the Eighth South School on Internet Governance organized by CCAT LAT OAS and with the support of ISOC Chapter Argentina.
The entire program of activities can be tracked remotely and streaming audio channels in Spanish and English video.
The agenda of activities here


I encourage you to participate remotely. Some people ask me if I attend this school in order to  pursue a certificate, and besides  that I’m eager to participate  to acquire more knowledge on these topics. Because this curiosity awoke writing a simple blog post telling my experience on online privacy and I today leads me to  OAS. When I broke the silence of what had happened to me on the Internet I started to find opportunities to acquire more information and actively participate in these initiatives. Particularly in this edition of the SSGI Cybersecurity issues and freedom of Speech in the Web are the main topics to be discussed within. We will have the opportunity to listen and learn from experts like Vinton Cerf, one of the fathers of the Internet and now Vice-President of Google,  just to mention one of the experts involved in this activity.

Anyway. I’m excited to learn more and be able to share more of this topic.

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