How did I became a Technology Influencer.

My opinion about Making the best of your multi-cloud environment was recently featured in Have I ever thought to be featured in one of the USA’s most prominent digital magazines in technology? No! But fast forward to 2021, and thank you to Social Media and thousands of twitts there am I. I have also been featured in Computer World in the past. I have done a couple of things through my career, more than just Twitter, taking me there.

In social media, like other things in life, is always better quality than quantity. It was not the number of twitts but the value of the twits. Also, the channels that I engage with and the hashtags that I have been following. Moreover, I am always championing content on specific topics. For example, during Cybersecurity Awareness Month, I have always championed the month by sharing valuable information. Some of my pasts posts are Please do not share your passwordsPassword Day, etc.

Other things besides social media I have done that have helped me to get there.

Community affiliations have been vital.

Throughout my career, I have learned the value of creating professional relationships. Hence, I have been building long-term relationships with stakeholders and different communities of practice. As a result, I have joined professional associations and have developed an affinity with practice groups in the industry. If you want to look further, these are my current affiliations.

Connect with people beyond technology.

Besides technology, I am passionate about community development and empowerment to alleviate economic and knowledge-based problems. I am currently researching critical Internet policy issues such as net neutrality and promoting digital skills education.

Be global.

Even though I am in New York, I have connected with other technologists in the USA through Twitter or during Tech Conferences. I have always followed them on Twitter. Hence my network has grown.

As an entrepreneur, I have ventured into Mexico on education, technology, and engineering companies. In New York, I am focusing my entrepreneurial efforts on my private IT practice, project management, wine writing, and wine education.

Moreover, I want to remind you is not about pride but service. If being influenced by what you say or what you do helps others, then let’s keep doing it.

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