Career challenges.

I got interviewed by Amazon. I had a very difficult interview. The interviewer even when was kind enough to repeat himself so many times sometimes I couldn’t understand him. Rather than saying “I do not understand you” I had to say “I do not understand the question”. I made it to the third round and I’m ok with that.

I am not actively looking for another job but they reached out and I accepted the opportunity. I had to say that you have to prepare a lot. You had to study a lot. I mean even if you have a technical position and you work on an ongoing basis with technical concepts, they will go deep into the basics and very thoroughly, kind of like when you were in College. For instance, one “college” type question was how many hosts will you get if you have a subnet mask like and a mask bit of ‘y’. Honestly, I told the interviewer that I use a subnet calculator.

Anyway, I recently became a mom and can not tell you enough how much mu current employer has supported me. I guess the opportunities come and go. If it’s for you will be for you. I’m thankful for at having a great job, having a great manager and above all, for my little son.

New mom brain: handling and balancing everything out

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