I’m sorry #GoogleHome for the moment I will stick to Alexa

Two weeks ago we visited the Amazon Retail store located at Columbus Circle in NYC. I was very much attracted to the store and indeed as I read in other reviews it reminded me of a Barnes and Noble experience -memories-. However, everything changed as my fiance started to use the Amazon Echo Dot and interacting with our known AI friend Alexa. I was attracted by the variety of Amazon Home Devices and decided to purchase the Amazon Echo dot that was only $49.00 us dlls. I very much enjoyed the sales experience paying with my Amazon App. I got home and configured Alexa to interact with Amazon Fire Stick, Spotify and a few other skills that I have been enabling as time goes on.

But yesterday -since I work at Soho- … my colleagues started gossiping about the Google Home Doughnut Store in West Broadway. Since then, they have been visiting the pop-up-store like five times a day to get a Google Home device. Apparently, you have to do a long line to participate in a kind of raffle and get a box of doughnuts or a Google Home device that according to their marketing campaign ‘is of a size of a doughnut’, moreover, is free. I will stick to Alexa since I’m really don’t like doughnuts, and  not yet  Google Home devices.

Infographic: Amazon's Alexa Is a Fast Learner | Statista You will find more statistics at Statista

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