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I am an experienced customer-driven systems engineer  in the Information Technology field. I have demonstrated success providing onsite and remote customer support, analyzing and implementing a wide range of technical solutions as well as building long-term relationships with stakeholders. I am known for my ability to analyze, diagnose and repair problems with computer operating systems and platforms. I am proficient in supporting applications, maintaining efficient and reliable computing systems and network platforms.

Besides technology, my work and projects spans to areas like community development and empowerment to alleviate economic and knowledge-based problems. Currently, I am researching about critical Internet policy issues such as net neutrality and online advertising regulation, and, promoting digital skills education while I attend the Master in Public Administration and Public Policy at Baruch College in New York.

If you need support in IT Infrastructure, Educational Technology  and Internet Governance whether you’re large or small, for-profit or non-profit, I can help you!  Contact me

E-mail: martha DOT cisneros AT baruchmail DOT cuny DOT edu




  • Internet Sociery
    • Member  since August 2015  and Next Generation Leaders (NGL) 
    • Miembro desde Agosto 2015. Historia de la Gobernanza de Internet y los retos de su futuro
  • Anita Borg Institute
  • EXATEC Alumni Group
    • Chair of Alumni Group NY NJ CT Chapter 2012- 2015
    • Presidenta de la Asociación de Ex-Alumnos ITESM Capítulo Nueva York, Nueva Jersey, Connecticut.

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